Call or email the officials below to demand that officers Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove are fired, and all officers (including Brett Hankison) are charged and arrested immediately. These calls, whether answered or not put pressure on those in power and call them to recognize the ways we expect them to take action.

Governor Beshear’s Office

Senator Rand Paul

Representative John Yarmuth


Continuing to share Breonna’s name across social media platforms is another way to amplify awareness and signal to both politicians and those you love that we are not done fighting.


Education is often the first step of growth, but it is not meant to be a means in and of itself. Education should serve as the catalyst for sacrificial and material action. This piece by Tre Johnson is an important place to start, as it reminds us that true change will come when we choose what to do with the knowledge we’ve obtained.


One of the most meaningful ways we can engage is by voting for people who are serious about addressing systemic racism and fighting voter suppression which has disproportionately prevented marginalized people from exercising their fundamental right to vote.

Register to vote here.