It has been days, hours, minutes, and seconds

since the murder of Breonna Taylor.

On March 13th, 2020, Breonna Taylor was murdered by Louisville police officers who entered her apartment on a no-knock warrant and fired more than 25 bullets, shooting Breonna at least 8 times.

Breonna’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in May 2020, accusing the officers of battery, wrongful death, excessive force, and gross negligence. So far, only one of the three officers involved has been fired from the Louisville Police Department.

Breonna was a 26-year-old emergency room technician working on the front lines of the pandemic with plans of becoming a nurse and dedicating her life to serving in health care. Breonna’s death was unjust, unfair, and indicative of the systemic racism that plagues not only police operations but our country as a whole. In times like these, we can feel lost on how to move forward and what to do. But as those who identify as allies, it is imperative that we begin the work and commit to not growing weary on the road to justice—not only for Breonna but for everyone who feels marginalized and oppressed because of the color of their skin.

Here is what
you can do about it